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Disk  Array
Disk  Array

L high stability and easy maintenance of the hardware platform

High performance platform

X86 hardware architecture using LINUX operating system;

64 1 bit multi core processor, 4GB cache, 2 gigabit network port, key component redundancy design.

L disk detection and repair and RAID optimization technology

Disk detection and repair

Provide before the use of pre disk technology, do not use to prevent;

Provide the inspection technology in disk usage, and timely alarm;

To provide the repair technology and resurrection technology after the disk failure, and improve the efficiency of disk usage.

RAID optimization technology

RAID 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50,, VRAID and a variety of RAID modes, as well as global thermal and local thermal synthesis, multiple protection of data security;

Support enterprise class hard disk formation RAID;

Support RAID to build and use, support RAID and logical volume dynamic online extension.

L advanced data protection

System information real time backup

System key information in the system card and hard disk synchronization real-time backup, prevent some hardware failure caused by the application can not be restored.

Data tamper proofing

RAID based on the write once read multiple data anti tampering technology, once the data is written into the WORM space, will not be deleted or changed to ensure the authenticity of the data.

Data synchronization

Provide data synchronization between devices, no need to participate in the server.

Volume clone

When RAID is not available, the data can be recovered by volume cloning, as long as the hard disk is physically readable.

L green energy saving

CPU smart FM

The frequency of the system is adjusted dynamically according to the utilization of CPU, so as to reduce the system power consumption.

Intelligent speed regulating fan

Intelligent precision speed control strategy is provided, which can effectively improve the heat radiation efficiency and reduce the noise.

Intelligent hard disk

Can be based on the situation of the business load, so that some or all of the hard disk into the sleep mode to reduce energy waste, prolong the life of the hard disk.

L humanized operation and maintenance interface

Provide a key configuration function, the user can quickly complete the system configuration;

Provide a friendly graphical interface, the user can be informed of the equipment running state information (key components, storage resources, ring control information, etc.);

At the same time, the device provides a wealth of alarm management, support for the warning lights, SMS and e-mail messages, etc., to enhance the efficiency of equipment maintenance;

Support SADP protocol, can automatically search the local area network online storage;

Support through the SNMP and the mainstream network management system for docking, support for centralized management of multiple devices.

L security special direct writing technology (CVR)

High performance stream data management structure

Realization of pre allocation strategy based on the bare space, to avoid file system damage caused by file not readable or missing, while avoiding because of fragmented files cumulative coverage caused by write performance attenuation to ensure stable performance.

Mixed flow direct storage

Support video stream, image stream, SMART stream mixed direct memory.

Simple open architecture

Support for streaming video from IPC/DVS/DVR/NVR, also supports streaming video from streaming media server, integrated streaming media forwarding service;

Can save the storage server, streaming media server;

Support front end with /ONVIF/PSIA (GB/T28181) RTSP/SIP and other protocols access.

Rich video application services

Support alarm and video recording, video recording and video recording;

Support for frame storage, can reduce the storage capacity;

Support CVR cluster technology, provide equipment level protection, ensure the continuity of the system business;

Support intelligent Bulu (ANR), video loss detection alarm, which can ensure the network anomalies video data integrity; CVR application of self monitoring and abnormal repair, ensure the configuration information of abnormal data is not lost, without interruption of service.

Support the internal data backup of the storage device and inter remote data backup, and further improve the safety and reliability of the data;

Support key video data lock protection function, prevent the cycle cover.

VRAID (VideoRAID) data protection

RAID group of bad multi disk, the video business, read, write, are not interrupted